Must'dash MONGOL RALLY 2016

The Adventure

The mongol rally is run by The Adventurist and is a journey to experience new adventures, create friendships, explore the world and push the limits of a small vehicle. Starting at Goodwood in the UK, powering through Europe, Russia and Mongolia, finishing just north of the Mongolian border in Ulan-Ude in Russia.

Starting on July 16th, we will be taking 4 weeks to drive an perfectly unsuitable vehicle from the UK. We will be travelling with all of our gear and camping equipment required for those 4 weeks in our tiny van.


Goodwood House, West Sussex, England


Ulan-Ude, Republic of Buryatia, Russia

The Van

Daihatsu hijet

A 1997 Daihatsu Hijet 993cc! The story began with a road trip to Nottingham to purchase her. Dan and James drove over 100 miles to see and test drive it. Once purchased, Natasha (the van) broke down within just 0.9 miles after parting with cash and collecting the keys. Will it make it the 10,000+ mile trip to Mongolia?

  • Top Speed
  • Number of seats
  • Likely hood of rolling
  • Chance of moving more than a mile


To complete this rally, it should be about having the correct skills to be able to work on the van and make sure that entertainment is always provided. The skill set we have in our group, is that which will enable us to find the closest McDonald's, repair anything with duck tape and see the wrong colours.
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Craig Hyde

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Daniel Oldring

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James Perkins

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Tom Barrett



A large part of this adventure is to enable us to raise some funds for some awesome charities. Below are the charities we are raising money for.

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